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A very simple implementation of Conway’s Game of Life.

The above is the standard implementation, I then tweaked the program to be a bit more aggressive:

This stuff is really helpful to create a progression, used in games, textures, AI and music.

Source code here:



A simple Space Invaders clone put together as an learning exercise.

The name is a reference to a company I used to work at, I was going to give this to the team when I left, but somehow never got around to it.

I was lucky enough to get the music to be produced by Armin Elsaesser, an award winning games music writer:


The things I learnt:

– How to use the prototyping language Processing (www.processing.org).  Worth checking out.

– A way of making each invader unique with a fractal texture generator

– The perlin noise function for generating smooth random moves (the saucer)

This was a lot of fun to develop, and is quite fun to play as well!

Source code can be found here if you’d like to play or see how it works: